Vinnytchina has considerable recreational potential – the main factor of tourism, treatment and entertainment development. 5,1% of region’s resources are natural recreational resources, consisting of forest tracts, wildlife areas, picturesque dales of the Dnister river and the South Boug and their tributary streams and hydromineral resources.

Vinnytchina is attractive by its nature’s beauty and numerous cultural, historical and architectural monuments as well.

The leading role in tourism industry belongs to «Vinnytsatourist» with its hotel, holiday hotel and 4 travel and excursion bureaus.

Uriev V.I. is chairman of rule of the “Vinnytsatourist”

It offers such programs as: treatment, traveling, touring by bus or on foot in any season of a year. There is a wide choice of food, drinks, fruit and vegetables in cafes, restaurants and bars.

The set of services, offered by «Vinnytsatourist» is varied, qualitative and the prices are reasonable.