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The pearl of Podolie, town- resort Khmilnyk is famous far across the borders of Ukraine. It became popular because of medicinal radon water and the resorts, opened on its basis. 40 curative radon sources of Khmilnyk successfully cure hypertension, rheumatism, and diseases of locomotor apparatus, cardiovascular and peripheral nervous systems, metabolic disease. Radon bathes are used to cure burns, sugar diabetes, etc. Large deciduous-coniferous forest satiates the air with volatile oils and pitch, which wholesomely influences the man organism. Temperate climate and humidity of Khmilnyk increase the efficiency of resort treatment.

Khmilnyk is also proud of its rich in historical events heritage. The first record of the town dates back to 1362, when Lithuanian Prince Olgerd won this territory back from Tatars. The location in the vicinity of the Black Way, along which Tatar hordes came, making plundering raids on Ukraine, urged the necessity of building a defensive fortress. In the second half of XV century this fortress became northeastern gates of Podolia. The town was actively developing. A high school, printing plant, handicraft workshops were situated there. Trade was prospering.

Another place of interest of Khmilnyk became the Roman Catholic church of John the Baptist, built in 1603 in the Baroque taste. In 1672 the Turkish began play the master in Khmilnyk. During the 27 years of Mahomet IV reigning his army fortified the castle and built a mosque, an eightside building with the 1,5m wide walls and embrasures. The castle and the mosque were joined by underground passages.

Till nowadays Khmilnyk castle and the corner tower of the fortress partly remained and the museum of local lore is today located in the Turkish mosque.

In 1915 not far from the castle on the project of famous architect I.O. Fomin a gorgeous palace of local earl Ksido was built. Its location on the right bank of the Yuznuj Bug River made it looks more imposing. The Renaissance building with towers has two facades. The colonnade of the front facade adds to the magnificence of the architectural ensemble of the palace. The palace of Ksido remained intact and now a town hotel is situated here.

Simultaneously with the palace a stone bridge across the Yuznuj Bug River was built. Arched bridge in Venetian style is still used.

4 Orthodox churches, built in 1801-1910 can still be found in Khmilnyk. In Ylanov village the Ascension church, a stone one-dome construction in Baroque style, built in 1777 remained intact.

The lives and activities of the following famous people are connected with Khmilnyk:scientist D.I. Kapiza, Ukrainian writer M.Stelmah, poet Y.Shportu, national artists I.Kozlovskij and N.Yzvij. In Porik village the museum of national hero of France and the Hero of the Soviet Union of the Patriotic war-V.Porik is situated.

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