Restaurant «Podillya»

The restaurant, conecting to the hotel complex by a spacious functionary hall, consists of a large room for 150 seats, 2 bars (one in the restaurant, the other – on the 5-th floor of the hotel), 2 banquet rooms for 30 and 15 seats each.

The large restaurant hall for 150 seats can be easily trasformed into 3 smaller ones, when it is nessesary. Modern interior is created by comfortable furniture, air condition system and appropriate indoor illumination. Theatricalize performance of the show-ballet and lively tunes of musical band add some extra colouring to the whole atmosphere of coziness and comfort.

Here the one is always served with a great variety of dishes from Ukrainian and European kitchen as well. All of them can suit the taste of any experienced gourmet.

The wine card id presented by a large sellection of wine, congac and vodka of well-known trade marks.

Banquet rooms are perfectly suitable for business meetings of any rank and various celebrations as well.

In the bar there is a a choice of cocktails, hard and soft drinks, light appetizes. In the morning one can be stimulated by or warmed up in a cold day with a cup of strong aromatic coffee.

Restaurant «Podillya» is situated just in the cetre of the city in a quiet public garden. It is a perfect place for business-lunch, corcorative party, family gathering or romantic dinner. Comfort atmosphere of the restaurant, delicious kitchen and high professional service make your visit unforgateble and remain pleasant memories only.

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